This is just some of the 20 + ebikes that may be available. The website has general pricing

only, based on correct pricing in Ontario. Atlantic Canada may require a ship fee.

Feature eBIKE

Folding RVCycle

Folding YachtCycle

Bicycle Style eBikes warranty is covered with a PDI fee (Pre-Delivery Inspection) coverage: Full warranty coverage included assembly, PDI and testing of the eBIKE up to 6 months on parts & labour, and 1 years on motor and frame.  Delivery and shipping charges are not covered under the warranty. This does not include regular wear and tear items such as brakes, flat tires eta or damage parts due to dropping the unit etc. SOLD IN BOX  with no PDI: Warranty is 5 days manufacture parts warranty only.

eBikes for the Nova Scotia Area

Ultra Low Step        $999 to $1799