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My person preference over the Aluminum propeller is the Carbon Fibre Piranha Propeller. I like my Piranha prop so much on my private boat, I became the local dealer.  Norman Wiechert

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Stronger than Aluminum:
Piranha propellers are 17% stronger than aluminum props and no other composite propeller comes close to the strength of Piranha.

Piranha propellers will outperform aluminum propellers and in some cases, stainless.

No Down Time:
No more costly damage problems: Should you strike something in the water with your

simply remove the propeller nut, push out the damaged blade and slide in a replacement blade.

In minutes and for a far lower cost than an aluminum repair, you are on your way.

No waiting for repairs -- no down time.

Lifetime Hub Warranty:
With a lifetime unconditional hub warranty, all you need ever replace with a Piranha, is a broken blade - - if you can break it.

Full Selection:
There is a Piranha for nearly every outboard and sterndrive application -- from 8 hp through 300 hp.
We have thoroughly tested Piranha propellers. We extensively test all the propellers we sell. Piranha applications work exceptionally well.
You are in good company with Piranha.

When you look at who uses Piranha you will be proud to have an American made Piranha propeller on your boat. From government agencies such as the US Navy Seals, and Dept. of Fisheries to hundreds of commercial fleets, rental fleets and marine engine builders such as Volvo.

The Balance System:
The Piranha injection molding system results in perfectly matched propellers. If a blade is damaged and replaced with a new Piranha blade, the repaired assembly is exactly the same weight, balance, shape and pitch as the original propeller, unlike a rebuilt aluminum propeller which often varies from stock configurations. Once you have welded an aluminum propeller, it is not as strong as the original. The molecular structure of aluminum changes when heated. These deviations from the original aluminum prop can result in performance loss and drive train wear ... this is not a problem with Piranha composite propellers.

The design incorporates an extruded aluminum inner core with an over molded 'Verton' coating. Tapered slots retain the blades, yet allow them to simply slide out for fast replacement.

Carbon Fiber Material

The blades are made from a high tech composite called 'Verton'. This is a blend of long fiber nylon and carbon fiber. As well as tough, Verton blades are virtually corrosion free. With the Piranha system, a combination of lower inertial weight, the shock absorption characteristics of Verton and a patented blade and hub design, there is more protection to the lower unit than either stainless steel or die cast aluminum propellers.e your paragraph here.

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