Ebike is Ideal for the person who wants more of a bicycle style with electric assist mode or full electric bike power mode. Going to work in a suite, or ride all day without a sweet. Its up to you!  Mobility Scooters

Electric Bicyile Style

Get out for the day and zip around in comfort and style with a electric mobility scooters.

e Mobility


E Scooter

E motorcyles

Don't want to pedal ?  An eScooter style ebike will go full Electric mode for only $0.25 day. Save on Transportation costs. Check out our new

e Scooters  60 V & 72 VOLT Hill Climber

Why buy an Ebike / electric scooter or a mobility Scooters

Best ebike, escooters, mobility scooter, folding travel scooters

Dealer in East coast 

NewStar Marine & Scooter is your authorized dealer for Daymak, Emmo, GNX, Mobilcab

and other LEV (Light Electric Vehicles). Offering Ebikes ,Escooter and Mobility scooters in Atlantic Canada

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Why buy a E Bike / Electric Scooter or Mobility scooters?

NO Gas. NO license required. NO pollution.  NO noise. NO registration

 NO MVI, Street legal for day or night. Bike path legal.


We sell and service ebikes and eScooters, mobility scooters, in Halifax / Dartmouth area, Nova Scotia

"Newstar is the Best Ebike store in the area. They are very helpful in finding the best Electric chair / Mobility Scooters on the East Coast.  For the water the have boat sales too."

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