Popular 4 X 8 Trailer Kit

* Painted Black 1180 GWC LBS Trailer Kit.

* Galvanized 1180 GWC LBS Trailer Kit......

* Galvanized 1980 GWC LBS Trailer Kit.......
* Painted 5 X 8 Trailer Kits T2000BW load capacity 1980 LBS GWC

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This custom folding utility trailer kit only takes up 24" x 63" of floor space when folded. It can be stored just
about anywhere. Unfolded, it can handle heavy loads of 1000 pounds!  ATV, Motorcycle, Lawn Equipment,or build a camper.
Just add plywood decking for a 48" x 96" flat deck. Hitch the Transport Canada Compliant trailer to any vehicle
that has a 2" ball for a safe transportion. The steel trailer frame has added stake supports to make an
enclosed box trailer ($35 Value). Add a BOAT BUNK KIT  (optional $125)
and you have a Boat / Kayak trailer that can handle 12’ Inflatable boat or aluminum boat.

Colour : Painted BLACK or Galvanized Frame

The Trailers come in three Heavy boxes and is sold un-assembled. ( assembly is availible for extra $199) 

With the detailed instruction, assembly takes approximately 2-4 hours with basic tools. A helper to life would be helpful . Everything you need to be safe and approved for the  Canadian roads are included in the kit, including lights, wiring harness, hitch coupler and chain, etc. 

The only item not included in the kit is the plywood deck or the Bulk wood for the Boat Bunk Kit. 

We stock extra wheel and parts

We stock quality folding trailer parts and accessories in Canada at a discounted rate or for warranty.  Our folding trailer accessories are competitively priced.

The Salter 3 in one folding trailer bed tilts all the way to the ground for easy loading, It’s a work horse for landscaping and construction equipment, also used on outdoor sport equipment, quads, boats, motor bikes, or just to move things around. your paragraph here.


Customer surfing the net and visit other websites . They found a better price on similar trailer kIt and ask us what is the difference ?  

1) If you’re buying from another country, firstly they must be Transport Canada Approved  Not certified for Canada, the trailer may be stopped at the border and you must get it compliance for Canada. That can be an additional $240.00 plus.

2) Also Salter trailers include the required Canadian Import duty fee.

3) Not all folding trailers are built at the same high standard, same so buyer beware.

4) Salter WaterCraft is a Canadian company with a Canadian Warranty

5) Some other vender have been showing Salter trailers photos in their ad’s but they may not be Salter WaterCraft Dealers! So before you purchase one of their trailers verify that’s it’s a Salter trailer or contact us first.

Quick & Easy Storage:

The Salter trailers fold up for easy storage:
Remove the bolt that secures the rear side rails, fold the back of the trailer over onto the front part of the trailer, (pic A) lift the front end of the trailer up to rest the trailer frame on the casters provided, remove the tongue shaft bolt and fold down the tongue shaft. (pic B) Now the trailer is ready to roll away for storage.

Advantage over the other Look-A-Likes!

* Transport Canada Certified and DOT Certified

* Came with documents to register your trailer


We have pick up location through out Canada or we can ship to you.