L14Ft Compact package

-Length = 14ft
-Width = 7ft
-Dry Weight - 650lbs
-Max HP = 20
-Max persons = 5+
-Max capacity =1340lbs
-Pontoon diameter = 21"
-Pontoon gauge = .081

NewStar Marine is excited to offer our stable 14Ft or 16 Ft

Compact Pontoon Boat Packages. Go fishing with your buddies or cruise the waters with your family. Our Canadian made Compact Pontoon design offers quality and comfort for a modest budget!    

We stock White 14Ft, 16Ft and 18Ft packages and we special order other sizes and colours up to the High performance 24Ft. Pro

L18Ft Compact Package:

-Length = 18ft
-Width = 8ft
-Weight - 996lbs
-Max HP = 90
-Max persons = 10
-Max capacity =1990lbs
-Pontoon diameter = 25"
-Pontoon gauge = .081

L16Ft Compact Package

-Length = 16ft
-Width = 7ft
-Weight - 996.lbs
-Max HP = 30
-Max persons = 7
-Max capacity =1650lbs
-Pontoon diameter = 21"
-Pontoon gauge = .081


* Deluxe Steering Console with room for a gauges and fish finder  * High Thrust EFI (Electric Fuel Injected) 4 Stroke 

* Upgraded to Electric Start with Power Tilt * Deluxe Bimini Top, * HD Marine Vinyl Floor, * Navigation Light

* Comfortable Seating with non rotting Aluminum storage  * Doors on all side  * Boarding Ladder 

* Compact Pontoon with lots of dance floor space.